Hello, my name is Shalev Lifshitz.

AI Researcher & Engineer

Striving to develop the future of technology. My goal is to help spark the next wave of human innovation and help humanity reach a new evolutionary step.

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About Me

An AI Researcher and Engineer

I'm an AI researcher and engineer striving to develop the future of technology. With over 6 years of AI experience in research and industry, I'm currently developing generalist agents with Prof. Sheila McIlraith at the University of Toronto. Together with collegues at the university, I recently created a state-of-the-art text-to-behavior agent called STEVE-1, which was presented at NeurIPS 2023 as a spotlight paper. In this paper, we introduce a methodology for instruction-tuning foundation models of behavior in a scalable, self-supervised way.

In the past, I've worked with collegues at the University of Waterloo on attempts to rethink the basic structure of neural networks by taking more inspiration from the human brain. I also spent time creating and deploying algorithms that automatically understand CT scans at Claronav, a global leader in surgical navigation. In another interesting project at Waterloo, we introduced a novel histopathology image retrieval algorithm that can help pathologists diagnose cancer and other diseases.

I first fell in love with the field of AI since it was the bridge between both of my passions: the brain and technology. Since then, I have spoken at various international conferences with the aim of educating and inspiring others to think about future of AI. To ensure a positive future for humanity alongside general AI, we must ask and explore these questions now.

My goal? To help spark the next wave of human innovation and help humanity reach a new evolutionary step.

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Paper: STEVE-1: A Generative Model for Text-to-Behaviour in Minecraft
Talk at SXSW 2023
Paper: Gram Barcodes for Histopathology Tissue Texture Retrieval
Panel at FiRe 2019: The Future of Human-AI Interaction
Paper: Subtractive Perceptrons for Learning Images: A Preliminary Report
Talk at IFA: Humanity & AI: Preparing for an Intelligent Future
Interview on Into Tomorrow
Feature on ARD German National Television
Talk at SXSW: Reforming Civilization with AI